Joshin Shaevel | Zen student | Travel journalist

Welcome!   I'm Jōshin Shaevel. I'm a full-time practicing artist, zen student, and travel journalist. Joshin is my dharma name received during a formal bodhisattva precepts ordination ceremony in 2014 while living and practicing for seven years in residence at the Austin Zen Center.  This name means Pure (Jo) Heart-Mind (shin). I aspire to live up to being and expressing pure heart-mind every day, in every moment.

I'm currently in residence at the San Francisco Zen Center, where I've lived for the past four years, and I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to live in community with zen teachers, students, and ancestors, and the opportunity to cultivate, extend, and share this practice with you.

The Empty Brush Zendo (EBZ) is a dharma arts practice space unbound by walls.  The core practice is meditation, study, and dharma arts contemplation expressed through exploratory creative play in the forms of writing, drawing, painting, travel journalism, and connection with You.   The core intention is to cultivate a profound moment-to-moment connection with my heart-mind in relationship to this beautiful and heartbreaking world of ours.  A world  populated with conscious, aware, sensitive, perceptive, complex, and feeling beings like you.  This practice is a reflection of a dedicated, wholehearted journey of studying the connection to that which seems hidden, but is there all along ... in all directions ... in every moment ... and within each of us.  

To that end, I invite you to spend moments exploring these journal offerings and send comments and inquiries to

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May you live in safety,
free from harm and oppression,
Easily contented, and joyous,
and may you be happy and Free.

with Gratitude,